Friday, December 9, 2011

H.O.W. for Christmas - Day 5

Each year, thousands of individuals immigrate to Canada and many come to Vancouver. Starting over in a new country is incredibly challenging - finding a home, employment and starting a new life. It can also be discouraging, upon arrival, to learn that your trade from your mother country may not be recognized here - read our clients story of how she was able to persevere, and build a new life for her and her son.

I immigrated here in February 2009 with my 7-year old son, and I found the current job as an Accounts Receivable in December 2009. Last month I passed the 3 month probation, and last week I got my pay raised by 14%. That's to say I secured the job-related to my major of accounting.

I recall, I was once told by someone that being a new immigrant, you can't find a job in your specialty; instead, you will have to stay with the labour jobs for a couple years, such as Food Demonstrator or Security Screener that I was working on call at the time.

However, I seriously doubted it! How could I get back to Accounting Software or Excel Spreadsheets if I had been betting used to the toaster oven or magnetometer at work?! Fortunately, I didn't listen to the nonsense. I would say to never ever let the negative thinking affect us.

We will find a job matching our skills and experience as long as we do not give up. Sometimes, its just a question of time. Let's keep up our enthusiasm and effort to achieve our goals!
- L.S.
It is so encouraging to see a woman succeed, despite barriers, and maintain her enthusiasm and reach her goals.

In the month of December, we will be sharing the stories, experiences and triumphs of clients who have used our programming. And during these 25 days (December 5 - 31), we are campaigning to raise enough funds to put at least 25 more women through our programming.

To give one women access to the whole suite of programs at Dress for Success Vancouver, it costs the organization approximately $150 ($12.50 a month). Help us raise $3750 by donating this holiday season or giving the gift of a donation.

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