Tuesday, December 6, 2011

H.O.W. for Christmas - Day 2

Today's story will also be found in our holiday newsletter. Please read a note from our ED, Deb, and especially Maria's testimonial on what Dress for Success means to her.

We have decided to forgo the usual newsletter this month in favour of sharing some success stories with you. From now until the end of the year, please go to our blog each day to see a new "mini-story" of celebration from Dress for Success Vancouver.

You'll find one of our stories below and we hope that you also find encouragement from it.

If you are able, please consider giving a financial gift to D

ress for Success Vancouver. As little as $12.50 a month will provide a woman with all of our services for as long as she needs them. If you would like to make a donate as a gift to a loved one, you will have the opportunity to send an automatic e-card to the person you are honouring.

On behalf of all of us here at Dress for Success Vancouver, I wish you warmth and wellness and love and joy.


Maria's Story...

MariaLast year I was the proud recipient of the 2010 Embers Community Entrepreneur Award. I was walking to the stage wondering if I was really living this moment or was it just another dream. I was so proudly wearing a beautiful suit given to me by the Dress for Success in Vancouver a few months before the night of the awards. Some of the comments were: "Wow! You look so great! Awesome suit! Looks so professional!" Yes, I was that night Dressed for Success; because beyond the fancy suit I was wearing, I was dressed with the encouragement of the inspiring team at Dress for Success Vancouver who supported me as a woman, walking the rewarding journey of reclaiming myself.

These are some of the learnings I have experienced in being supported at Dress for Success Vancouver. This is what Dress for Success Vancouver means to me:

D etermination to succeed

R esearch and planning my strategies

E nhance my knowledge through education and awareness

S elf-esteem nurturing

S trength-based goal setting

F lexible to make self-adjustments at any stage of goal achievement

O pportunities to grow in every experience

R esilience and wisdom from adversity

S eeking wellness and practicing self-care

U niqueness and inner beauty to be rejoiced every moment of my life

C ommunity-based program extending support to all women facing life challenges

C ritical thinking as a master tool for evaluation and open mind for change

E mpathy to build those subtle and glorious ties among each other

S trong commitment to take pleasure in learning, teaching and sponsoring life skills

S tand against women oppression and abuse

I would like to thank my agency for introducing me to the Professional Women's Group. The PWG is a great community program operated by Dress for Success to support women to achieve self-identified goals in their careers and in life.

Every meeting is a celebration of women in partnership working together to promote professional development and networking aimed to sustain rewarding growth in any stage of achieving our goals. It is a fabulous time to enjoy the generosity of our mentors sharing their knowledge and experience with the group; a time for developing strategic planning in our journey to independence; rejoice and nurture our strengths; and, above all, be part of the group where we experience this empowering sense of belonging: a group where we all DRESS FOR SUCCESS.



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