Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Change the View Project

Right before the Christmas, Terry and Riana from Clearly Contacts came by to chat with Deb and the team about getting involved with Dress for Success Vancouver. After a tour of the shop we sat in the office and Terry explained how Clearly Contacts works, how it was started and more. He then began to explain the Change the View Project.

Vision is something that we take can take for granted. However, there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world (and in our own community) who suffer from visual impairment and do not have the means to correct it.  Clearly Contacts is dedicated to the right of clear vision for  everyone has the right to clear vision and so they began the Change the View Project.

This project is aiming to donate over 2 million pairs of eyeglasses, overseas, and locally by 2020.

With every pair of prescription eyeglasses purchased (through participating brands, found here), a second pair will be donated to someone in need.  Clearly Contacts included Dress for Success Vancouver and their clients as recipients of the free eyewear!

We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to offer our clients another service that may help them on their journey to provide for themselves and their family. Take a look at the video below on what they have already been doing in our community.

I was so excited about project, that I went right to the website and purchased a new pair of glasses!

Thank you to Clearly Contacts for including us in this wonderful project.

By: Valerie Braacx
Staff @ Dress for Success Vancouver

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

H.O.W! for Christmas - day 25 and results!

I realize that it is in fact, January 3, today and most of you have had enough of Christmas but we have one more post on our client's success to share.

Last Friday, before the New Year, Deborah (our E.D.) received twenty four thank you letters in the mail. We chose one to share with you today.

Dear Deborah,

I would like to thank you and Dress for Success for providing me with a complete suit to wear on my first day of practicum work as an administrative assistant.  The Dress for Success volunteer, Sharon, was very patient, helpful and supportive as I went around looking for just the right fit.

The suit and the accessories that went with it made look like a true professional.  The look bolstered my confidence.  I shall be taking part in the online courses you introduced to us to as part of the services of your organization.

Again, thank you for your help.  It is so great that there is an organization dedicated to women and one which understands our specific needs.  I look forward to the day when I can make my own contribution to Dress for Success.

Very truly yours,


Lastly, we surpassed our fundraising goal of $3750! We raised approximately $4000 during the time of the campaign! Thank you to all who donated to help us reach this goal! 

Dress for Success Vancouver will be able to help over 25 women through these donations. 

A huge thanks to our supporters.