Tuesday, December 20, 2011

H.O.W. for Christmas - Day 16

We are able to celebrate our clients successes, largely due to the generosity of our community. Through the donors who give funds and clothing and the volunteers who give their time, we are able to deliver services to the over 2000 unique women that come through our doors this year

In the month of December, we will be sharing the stories, experiences and triumphs of clients who have used our programing. And during these 25 days (December 5 - 31), we are campaigning to raise enough funds to put at least 25 more women through our programming.

To give one women access to the whole suite of programs at Dress for Success Vancouver, it costs the organization approximately $150 ($12.50 a month). Help us raise $3750 by donating this holiday season or giving the gift of a donation.

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