Friday, August 2, 2013

Client Spotlight, Genevieve Sechter

Name: Genevieve Sechter, PWG (Professional Women's Group) Delegate 2013 - 2014

Where do you live? Vancouver, BC

When did you first get introduced to Dress for Success Vancouver? Maureen Houghton at Gordon Neighbourhood House referred me while taking some professional workshops in February 2012.

What has been your most important lesson learned from the PWG program? 
The most important lesson that I have learned from the PWG program is that it is never too late to start something new, reinvent yourself or become the person you were always destined to become.

What is your occupation? 
I work full-time as the Receptionist at Regent College (a theological graduate school on the UBC campus). It is an amazing place to work. I love meeting people from all over the world and reflecting on diverse angles of important issues. There is always something new to ponder.

Who is your hero? 
Jesus is definitely my hero. I have officially been a Christian for a shorter time than I have been involved with Dress For Success and He continues to show me how deeply He understands, loves, and supports me. Being a Christian is not a one-time event. It's not a baptism. It's not a set of rules. It's an ongoing, dynamic and intricate relationship between my soul and God, who much to my surprise, chose me and continues to choose me every day in tangible and personal ways.

Dream vacation? 
One of those thatched roof huts in Tahiti that is propped above the water - exotic and romantic (my style)! The opportunity to speak French while enjoying palm trees and glimmering blue waters is very tempting! Not to mention that I have never been south of the equator. It would be the perfect location to start with! Do a Google image search for Tahiti resorts and you will see what I'm talking about!

What is your motto? 
Love fiercely, hope incessantly, and consider that every experience and person has something valuable to teach me about myself and God. I'm not perfect, but I risk everything I have to give it my best shot!

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