Monday, September 16, 2013

Employee Spotlight, Jennifer Halinda, Executive Director

Name: Jennifer Halinda 
Role at DFS Vancouver: Executive Director 
How long have you been working at DFS Vancouver? 5 years as a volunteer stylist, full time position since March 2013. 
What is the best thing about working here? Any memorable moments? The best thing- our mission! To help women become successful in work and life. The amazing volunteers, the wonderful donors and supporters, and our clients. Memorable moments: seeing women's confidence build, a sparkle in their eye, a smile at the end of a visit. Hearing about their successes with getting a new job! 
What do you do with your time outside of the 9-5 with DFS Vancouver? Currently, enjoying the many festivals around the city. I am a Food Network fan and love ethnic cafe's, food carts, and cooking. I also collect original art and have a library of Art Gallery books from around the world. They are great souvenirs from my travels. 
Who is your style icon? Audrey Hepburn. Daniel Craig. Couple: Victoria and David Beckham. 
Dream vacation? Greece seems to be calling. I see it everywhere. Hopefully next year. 
What is your motto? Be yourself. Everyone else is taken :)

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