Thursday, July 25, 2013

Volunteer Spotlight, Jen Newsted

Name: Jen Newsted
How long have you volunteered at DFS Vancouver? I just had my 6-month volunteer-versary.
What role do you do? Every Thursday I alternate as Lead & Stylist, and I help with social media, so don’t forget to check out @DFSVancouver on Twitter, Instagram & gives them a like on Facebook.
What is the best thing about volunteering here? I am endlessly blown away by the women I meet, all with different stories, all with the same goals to get their lives to a better place. The best thing about the hour I spend with a client, is seeing the smile on her face when she comes out of the fitting room. That smile is filled with the confidence she’s been needing and I know my job is done and she is going to walk out the door and ace that interview.
What do you do with your time when not volunteering at DFS Vancouver? Marketing Communications keeps me busy from 9 – 5.
Dream vacation? Sun. Sand. Book. Repeat.
What is your motto? Business time.

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