Monday, April 30, 2012

Tips for Power Walkers

 With the Power Walk quickly approaching, you may be starting to think of the best ways to find success on the day of the walk.  Here are a few tips from our spokesperson, Elisabeth Walker-Young.

1. Start training now.  Begin slowly and gradually work up to longer walks at a quicker pace.  Leaving yourself ample time to train will ensure that you can safely prepare your body for a positive, fun, and injury-free Power Walk.

2. Wear good shoes and comfortable clothes.  Being comfortable will ensure that you can focus all of your attention on the walk instead of on sore feet.  If you wear layers, you’ll be able to stay warm at the beginning of the walk and cool off later on once your heart-rate is high.

3. Set goals for yourself.  Elisabeth Walker- Young says that setting challenging yet achievable goals has played a big part in her success as a Paralympian.  Try to set a long term goal, such as beating last years’ time, and then work backwards, setting short term goals, such as times per week that you’ll train, which will help you reach your desired end result. 

4. Most importantly, have fun!  Train with a friend so that you can share some laughs and encourage each other to reach your full potential.  Take advantage of some of the gorgeous walks that Vancouver has to offer and use them as your training grounds.  The False creek loop, English Bay, and Stanley Park are all great places to train and are sure to provide you with stunning scenery and beautiful views.

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