Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The story of a yellow cardigan

Last week, the Association for Fundraising Professionals (AFP)  had their international conference in Vancouver. Fundraisers from all over flocked to the Vancouver Convention Centre for the 3 day event.  The attendees were encouraged to donate gently used and current business wear to Dress for Success Vancouver as part of the conference.

On the opening day, Eloise, a client of Dress for Success, shared her story with the 4000 people in attendance.  There was not a dry eye in the audience after she spoke.  Following the presentation, one of the international delegates was so moved by Eloise's story that she approached the Dress for Success table and donated the new yellow, cashmere cardigan off her back.

I was so thrilled when this cardigan came in. Not only was it gorgeous, but I loved the story that came with it. I  put it on display immediately!

A little background info on our Dressing Services

Dress for Success Vancouver clients have 2 opportunities to use the Dressing Services. On the interview appointment, a volunteer stylist will work with the client to find a full outfit to wear to her interview, and when she finds employment, she can come back two more outfits to start a mini working wardrobe!

Today, we had thirteen clients came in, some were preparing for interviews and others just landed a job.  Rachel had come in last year for her interview outfit and arrived today for her employment suiting. Can you guess where this is going?

The yellow cardigan found a new home!

Thank you to the AFP conference for selecting Dress for Success Vancouver to participate.
Thank you to Eloise for sharing her story with over 4000 people.
Thank you to the delegate who donated the sweater off her back.
Thank you to the volunteer, Christine, who helped Rachel find her fabulous outfits
Thank you to Rachel for modeling one of the outfits you went home with today. Congratulations on your new job!

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Valerie Braacx
Dress for Success Vancouver Staff

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