Tuesday, February 10, 2015

PGW workshop featuring Scott Armstrong!

"Scott Armstrong has been described as one of the most dynamic and energetic presenters you are likely to meet. His ability to provide meaningful content that engages audiences of all interests is something that sets him apart."

Scott honored us with his presence on February 4th, 2015 for the PWG Community Action Project (CAP) Workshop. The CAP project is coordinated by a PWG member to serve local community and to give back. This yearm the CAP project is provinding leadership and computer training for the Somali Youth Association of BC (SYABC). The CAP volunteers are presenting several of these leadership workshops and were looking to improve their presentation skills.

Scott was able to give some wonderful insights on public speaking and some very good advice on how to do a great presentation! We know that public speaking can be intimidating. So does Scott! He shared with our PWG members his former fear of presenting in public, which made it easy for our women to see that they can do it too! 

Thank you Scott for volunteering your time and your expertise with our PWG members!

Lesson of the day: LESS IS MORE!

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