Sunday, May 5, 2013

Power Walk Yoga Instructor Anila Lacroix

We are so thrilled to have Anila Lacroix join us at the upcoming Power Walk on May 11th. Anila will be sharing her love for yoga by teaching the yoga class before the walk at Oakridge Mall. 

Anila’s yoga practice began many years ago and it continues to challenge and open her to a freedom beyond her imagination. Her inspiration comes from her everyday experience whether it be witnessing a student breaking down the barriers, watching people dissolve into laughter or hearing someone take an awesome breath in and out.

During Anila’s classes, you can expect conscious clarity in language, alignment awareness, breath and movement. Her asana classes can range from quiet and reflective to wild and sweaty. During each class, the constant is attention to integrity of body, mind and breath. Much like her personal practice, Anila will encourage you to be the balance of power and play.

Practicing yoga is a perfect way to prepare your body ready for any walk or run. Yoga helps to loosen and strengthen your muscles in order to prevent tightness caused by walking or running. Incorporating a few deep yoga stretches before and after you walk can be a great way to relax your body and increase flexibility. It is also a great way to prevent any injuries or soreness. 

Anila is very excited to be partnering with Dress for Success and the Power Walk this year. Come meet Anila at the upcoming Power Walk on May 11th at Oakridge mall. Reminder: No need to bring your yoga mats because they will be provided!

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Visit Anila's website for more information and for a detailed class schedule!

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