Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter Newsletter - Director Message - Liz Sperandeo

As tough economic times continue to linger, Dress for Success
Liz Sperandeo
Liz Sperandeo
Board Member
Vancouver continues to see an increasing need for support. While we rely solely on the generosity of our community, we recognize that donating - whether financially or with clothing donations - might not be an option right now. Fortunately, there is one powerful fundraising tool that fits even the
tightest of budgets: word of mouth!

Raising awareness about the work that we do at Dress for Success Vancouver does not have a price tag or require you to purchase a ticket for admission. We rely on volunteers, friends, family, and colleagues to help educate about what we do, and act as ambassadors on behalf of the organization. So tell your dentist, your personal trainer, friends of friends, distant cousins, or even the Twitter-verse! Word of mouth is a
powerful resource, and it won't cost you a penny!

-Liz Sperandeo

Did you know Dress for Success Vancouver is on
Facebook <>? Join the online
conversation, help raise awareness about the organization, and continue to
support women in our community.

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