Monday, February 6, 2012

Wealth Academy for Women

On February 25th, women of all financial backgrounds will gather in the Jewel Ballroom at the Freemasons Hall for the 6th Wealth Academy for Women. 

Two years ago, Tracy Themes, one of the organizers of this incredible event, approached us after our annual gala and told us about Wealth Academy. 

Wealth Academy provides everything a woman needs to know about finances in one day. This exclusively female event creates an atmosphere of community and enables attendees to voice their questions and concerns that are shared by many.

The topics covered include:
  • What Every Woman Needs to Know About Money
  • Financial Planning: From Debt to Prosperity
  • Create a Banking Relationship that Works for You
  • Women, Wealth, and Work
  • Breakthrough Strategies for Success
  • Wealthy from the Inside Out
  • The Empowered Investor
  • Art of Negotiation: Get What You Want
For more information, please visit the website

If you are attending with a dollar  in your bank account or a million, wherever you may be on the wealth spectrum, you will leave with tools to achieve your personal financial goals.

Since 2010, Wealth Academy has donated all monies raised from the full day seminar to Dress for Success Vancouver! 

Tickets are only $69.00 to attend. Bring your mom, your daughters,  your friends - any woman that you think would benefit from this. 


Can't come but still want to support this event?
Last year, the members of the Professional Women's Group (PWG) at Dress for Success attended this meeting in place of their regular monthly meeting. The PWG is a program offered to clients of Dress for Success who have gained employment.  The 18 month program consists of a monthly meeting with a professional speaker, discussing various topics.

We are seeking to sponsor 47 from the PWG to attend. If you can't attend, but want to support, you can send a member of the PWG to this meeting for a donation of $49.00.

Here is some of the feedback the PWG members had on the seminar.
"After attending the wealth academy, I realized I had to lay a foundation, or else! So I now have a savings account and I  encouraged my friends granddaughter to open a TFSA – Now! Thanks to DFS and Wealth Academy – Its never too late to save money"  -T.H.
"Thank you again, DFS/PWG – Wealth Academy is continuing to change my life."

We look forward to seeing you there!
Valerie Braacx
Dress for Success Vancouver staff

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