Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Professional Women’s Group’s Graduation Celebration!

“Since I joined the PWG group, I gained more confidence and enjoy working with others a lot. I am very inspired by the chemistry of this wonderful group. It is a great experience of sharing and learning and this contributed to my success. Many thanks.” - PWG Member

The PWG members celebrate their graduation after receiving their 18-month career development program certification! 
On June 27th, 2015, almost 20 women graduated from PWG! Cheers to their success in completing the program. Here at Dress for Success Vancouver, our clients have the opportunity to enrol in a free 18-month Professional Women’s Group (PWG) program that assists members during the transition period from unemployment to being in the workforce. 

Our PWG Community Action Project ambassador Tarana Sultan and her commitee.

Our moderator, Sally, and our PWG Graduate, Thelma Palma, who shared her inspirational story.

In each monthly session, the women receive guidance from expert speakers, education on handling challenges and personal finance, as well as opportunities to interact and network with each other. The members truly invest in themselves by attending these workshops: by the end of the 18 months, they not only develop professional skills, but also the confidence to move toward self-sufficiency. If you would like to support a woman, a donation of only $30 a month ($360 per year) will give a woman the gift of self-esteem, self-sufficiency, and success through education, mentoring, and professional attire. Your donation will change her life and her family's lives forever. 

Brenda Benham welcomes our graduates into the PWG Alumni group!

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