Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Corporate Partner Spotlight: Spark Creations

A few weeks ago we met Lorie Corcuera, co-founder of Spark Creations who also serves as a mentor to countless women in the Dress for Success Vancouver Professional Women's Group. As a company, Spark's mission is to create and inspire loving human connections through both corporate and personal coaching workshops. Read on to find out how they create loving human connections as a corporate partner.

How is Spark Creations involved with Dress for Success Vancouver?
We have the Spark it Forward Race. which is a fundraising event. We raised over $17,000, there were 80 people involved plus volunteers and organizers. It was a great success. We want to continue to partner with Dress for Success Vancouver on some type of event. 

We’re also involve through mentorship and we save two spots for Dress for Success Vancouver women to join our Spark retreat and program. I often facilitate workshops and speak at PWG events.

What is the lasting impact of Spark it Forward?
We were able to share over 2000 random acts of kindness in a 2 hour period and I think a lot of the people who experienced the race as participates, volunteers or within the community will remember these people out there sharing random acts of kindness. That will have a lasting impact. There will always be one person out of the race who will want to spark it forward. 

What makes Spark Creations so passionate about the organization and how do you incorporate it into your company values?
Spark’s values are love, connection, and fun, so their values support and align with our values 100%. It’s an opportunity for us to share our love with these women, connect with them in a meaningful way, and to have fun. Whether it’s Spark It Forward or us mentoring, we want to create a WOW experience for them.

Is there anything else the community would be interested to hear about Spark?
Our purpose is creating and inspiring loving human connection, so whether it’s community or corporate, we’re focused on that. Everything we do is about creating an inspiring, loving, human connection. We continue to do it in the community, we bring it into the workplace where we’re seeing decreases in disengagement, and we want everyone single person to feel seen, heard, and loved. 

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