Thursday, September 18, 2014

SUCCESS Spotlight: Nancy MacKay, MacKay CEO Forums

Vision, drive, dedication. As a leadership coach, published author, and dynamic keynote speaker, Nancy MacKay has all the right qualities for corporate success. But her insight on what it takes to run a successful company also comes with the knowledge of its many challenges. These challenges and demands are what compelled Nancy to recognize tremendous value in collaborating and learning from other equally driven leaders.

Enter MacKay CEO Forums - the highest impact peer group for CEOs across Canada. Nancy founded MacKay CEO Forums as a platform to accelerate performance through peer learning. Aimed at results-driven CEOs, the firm serves as a round table for the country’s top corporate executives and Nancy has been the driving force behind its rapid growth and member loyalty. Empowering, engaging, and educational, MacKay CEO Forums is a springboard for success at the highest levels.

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