Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Dress for Success Inspiration - Meet Aurea Lucas!

Aurea Lucas was introduced to Dress for Success Vancouver in 2006 by Aware Cloverdale. She became a member of the Professional Women’s Group (PWG) in 2007 and got the most out of each meeting by building friendships and being open to learn and discover new skills. 

Aurea connected with the Filipino community In Surrey and started hosting meetings to share all of the important lessons she had learnt at the PWG meetings.

Currently, Aurea is a Settlement Program Officer for SUCCESS, an organization which helps to serve immigrants living in Surrey. She is also utilizing her background in social work and sociology by serving as a Certified Career Development Practioneer in British Columbia.

Despite a schedule chalk full with work, family and volunteer work, Aurea is comitted to a healthy lifestyle.  Her path to fitness and nutrition was influenced by her friend Lucia, and The Active Choices program. It was also through this program where she had the opportintiy to meet many important people in her life like Trude Huber, Angela Sealy and Coach Karen.

Aurea continutes to play an improtant role at Dress for Success as a PWG Alumni. Come join us for the 2013 Power Walk on May 11th to hear Aurea tell more of her story!

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