Monday, August 13, 2012

Confidence as a Cultural Concept

At Dress for Success Vancouver, one concept that is always taken into consideration is confidence, be it the lectures of the Professional Women Group on how to gain confidence, or outfits to make clients look confident in their upcoming interviews.

As many of the clients are immigrants with different cultural background, this practice is extremely important. In Canadian work culture, the concept of confidence is one of the most essential qualities. Yet, clients may not easily take in it as expected. For example, in traditional Asian culture, it is believed to work on traditional virtues or professional capabilities first, and then confidence would be brought out accordingly. Also, confident women in their own cultures may not have the equal confidence when they come to Canada because of their levels of language proficiency.
As a volunteer, I am more culturally aware of it now and will keep working on it.

Written by Cathy Chen, guest blog writer

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