Monday, May 7, 2012

Trude - Power Walk Ambassador and Inspirational Woman!

It all started with Trude a more mature woman joining our Professional Women's Group (PWG), a career development program for Dress for Success clients who have found jobs. 

Trude looked depressed and without hope. She told us that she had breast cancer and her healing journey took all her savings. A Dress for Success suit gave her the confidence to work part-time and the PWG meetings provided her with a new outlook on life. 

With the help of her PWG mentor, she successfully moved up four pay grades. Turning 65 years “young”, she decided to take on the leading role in the PWG CAP, a project that provides PWG members the opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community. With her passion for promoting wellness, she has recruited PWG members to either become coaches to help people exercise or to become participants that are coached to exercise regularly. 

Trude was also recently featured as Fred Lee's Person of Interest: Read her story here

At the moment, Trude is encouraging everybody to join the Power Walk.

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