Sunday, July 24, 2011

Special Report: A trip to Dress for Success Amsterdam

As you may know, Dress for Success Vancouver is part of an international organization, based out of New York City with over 100 affiliates in 9 countries! But did you know, that there are 13 in the Netherlands alone?!

One of our staff members, Valerie, couldn't resist visiting the Amsterdam affiliate while travelling Europe with her husband.

Here is the post from her travelling blog

Special Report: A trip to Dress for Success Amsterdam

Even though I am traveling throughout Europe and not returning to my post at Dress for Success Vancouver until this fall, I could not resist popping in and visiting our Amsterdam affiliate!

Their shop is not located in central Amsterdam, but only one stop away on the train and it is one of 13 in the Netherlands!

Their street front space is donated and is beautifully merchandised and provides clothing for both men and women.

After a tour of the shop, Sean and I had the pleasure of chatting with the staff and volunteers.

During the tour, Martin, who manages the shop, showed us where they accept donations and discussed some of the challenges they face with clothing. Like Vancouver, managing the volume of clothing is challenging and they are always looking for current clothing in small and large sizes. I think that every affiliate can relate!

It was very interesting to learn about their experience (they have been open for 5 years now) in finding clients and fundraising. Our systems of social support differ and as well as attitudes on accessing the programs.

I felt right at home during my visit. They were so welcoming and I could see and feel their commitment and passion to the Dress for Success mission.

Valerie hopes to visit Dress for Success London in the fall before returning back to her post in Vancouver.

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