Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Power Walk - Santa's Why

Last year, Dress for Success Vancouver helped over 1900 women on their paths towards succeeding in the workplace. By getting involved with the Power Walk on May 7, you are supporting the services that our organization offers to local women.

Have you ever wondered how Dress for Success Vancouver makes a difference in the lives of women in your community? This week, we had to the opportunity to ask Santa, a former client, about her experiences with our organization and how being involved with Dress for Success Vancouver has affected her life. Check out her responses below!

How has being involved with Dress for Success impacted your life?

Dress for Success taught me to see work or my dream career from a different perspective. Work is not everything but the satisfaction and fulfillment I can get out of it and being passionate about work is the most important.

Can you describe something positive that you learned about yourself through your involvement with Dress for Success?

I now know that I have leadership, resourcefulness, and can be a role model amongst other single moms. With limited resources, we can work out the most potential that we each unknowingly had.

How have you seen Dress for Success help women in your community?

I have a special focus on the single mom sector that Dress for Success Vancouver can help them find jobs so as to gain identity and support their children and families.

Why is being a part of the Power Walk important to you?

The Power Walk is my expressive way to tell others that we have to get physically active and it's symbolic because we, by exercising, take care of our body and ourselves. Then, we have the energy and health to take care of our family members and the people around us.

How do you maintain your health and wellness?

I jog four times a week. If I need to go somewhere, I usually try to find parking that is further from my destination so I can walk there. You don't have to spend money on a gym membership - use the money saved for grocery shopping instead. If it's rainy, then wear your rain gear!

Do you have any positive words of advice for women who are struggling?

Don't give up. If you open your mind to all the opportunities and chances that life gives us, and be humble enough to accept life lessons, then you will find that it's not so bad in retrospect. Every adversity in life, big or small, is simply a challenge to test our perseverance and persistence; they're the cobble stones on the path that leads us to the next adventure in our life journeys.

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