Tuesday, November 9, 2010

HeartBroke Book Launch Today!

$1 from the sale of each book will support Dress for Success Vancouver's Book Club, a new program that will be offered to Professional Women's Group Members and Alumni.

Buy HeartBroke today (Nov 9) and gain access to $750 in FREE GIFTS! Visit http://www.heartbrokebook.com/ for more details and to buy!

"I was 42-years old, in phenominal shape and all set to run a half-marathon. My five-year-old business was taking off, and a spicy romance added sparkle to my day. My life was full, thriving and packed with fun. But, within three months and independant of eachother, the romance ended, I underwent emergency heart surgery and I closed down my beloved business. I call this time in my life "The Crumble"..." -- Christine Monaghan, Author HeartBroke

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