Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Meet Our 4 Women!

Dress for Success Vancouver would like you to meet four of our successful women: Amanda, Santa, Eloise and Mandana. These amazing women and their stories will be featured at our upcoming fundraising gala: IMPACT an event for change, held at the Birks flagship location in Vancouver, April 20.

Meet Amanda
The Secret lists three steps – “ask, believe, receive” – as the essence of the Law of Attraction. It is her ardent belief in this philosophy as well as a positive approach to life that Amanda Love believes is why she is attracting all the right things at the right time into her life. “I am thankful every single day,” she says. “Everybody has hard times, but it’s how you embrace the bad times, learn from them, pick yourself back up and move on that makes the difference.”

Meet Santa
Her boss nicknamed her “Fearless.” And there could not be a more appropriate moniker for Santa Chow. Not only is she fearless, Santa is also an intelligent, strong-willed single mother of two with a determination to succeed that is nothing short of astounding. She has overcome obstacles that others would falter against, yet she approached the difficulties life presented to her with perseverance and grace. “I know I can achieve anything I dream of because I have the will and the power,” she says. Click here to read more about Santa.

Meet Eloise

Eloise Lloyd is a Renaissance woman. She has been a student, an account executive, a Director of Marketing and Sales, and is now a Member Services Agent at Hollyburn Country Club. But those are only the things she has done. In her own words, she is “a friend, mentor, volunteer, poet, singer, athlete, and champion of people and causes. These are the things that I am.” Click here to read more about Eloise.

Meet Mandana

She felt it as soon as she walked off the plane. “Being welcome here is real for all immigrants, no matter where they are from. It is the best thing about being in Canada.” Mandana Mohammad Beygi arrived in Canada in the fall of 2008 at age 38. Born in Tehran, Iran, she is the eldest of four siblings; three brothers and one sister. Mandana has lived, studied, worked and travelled around the Middle East and Europe. Click here to read more about Mandana.

Join Amanda, Santa, Eloise and Mandana at IMPACT an event for change, April 20, and hear their stories first hand. Held at the glamorous Birks flagship location, the evening will be hosted by CKNW’s Christy Clark. Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served, and guests can bid on irresistible live auction packages and unique silent auction items. Tickets are on sale now, and can be purchased online or by calling the office at 604-408-7923.

Memoirs provided by Echo Memoirs. Thank you for capturing the stories of our 4 women so beautifully!

Echo Memoirs writes, designs and publishes distinctive personal biography books and company histories for clients across North America.
Click here to read more about Amanda.

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