Friday, January 29, 2010

Professional Women’s Group Reaches Out!

The Supper Team
The Breakfast Team
The Baking Team
Lisa Lopez, a member of our Professional Women’s Group (PWG), is coordinating the PWG Community Action Plan (CAP) project for 2009/2010. The CAP project provides PWG members and alumni with an opportunity to volunteer as a group. This year the PWG ladies are preparing and serving meals to street teens twice a month at Directions downtown Vancouver. By serving breakfast, brunch, the occasional supper and baking goodies, the PWG volunteers are providing the staff at Directions with the opportunity to devote more time to the street youths that are dropping by. Especially, the CAP weekend brunch is very popular with the street youths.
As a result, Directions reported that they have been able to help several youths to get off the streets! Three of them found an apartment to rent together (after meeting at one of the meals). Lisa commented: “Wow, the impact of what we are doing always amazes me, something that comes so naturally to us and we never really realize the positive results till later.”

If you want to help out, email us at and we will forward your information to Lisa!

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