Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Snoop Dogg and Lisa at the Vancouver Airport

While Lucia and Lisa were on their way to the PWG Success Summit in San Francisco they met a celebrity at the Vancouver Airport. Snoop Dogg was gracious enough to pose for a photo with Lisa, our PWG delegate. By chance, Lisa and Lucia travelled on the same flight as Snoop Dogg. This only increased their anticipation of the Summit put on by Dress for Success® Worldwide. Stay tuned for more news from the PWG Success Summit.

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  1. Well, what can I say; I keep amazing company :)

    He was such a decent and respectful person. I first saw him while going through security. Well, there I was on my cell, crouched behind the person in front of me, Nolana! Your never going to believe who is at the airport with me! It's Snoop Dogg! Hold on a minute, the girls in front are getting their pic with him. OOOO, I need something to write on, where is my pen! Well, let's just throw it out there that my DFS Schedule now sports his autograph. As he was signing I asked if would say a word to my friend Nolan on the cell; he talks to her! Well, I'v been pushed up the front of the friend line forever now. We pass through security and he follows me! All the way to my gate. Just then Lucia arrives. Luchia, do you have your camera with you!? Yes, I do. Now, how do I get ahold of his wife. I think she would be great for DFS :)